2,500 2D alpacas, living in a 3D Solana game

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2D version of a Golden Solpaca3D version of a Golden Solpaca

2,500 2D NFTs

Awesome, cute profile pics

Turns into your 3D avatar in our 3D battle royale game

Spawn a legendary Solpaca

Spawn a legendary Solpaca

Combine a Diamond, Molten Platinum and a Zombie Solpaca to spawn a Legendary.

Hurry up, there are only 50 available!

Molten Platinum
Legendary Solpaca


Molten Platinum


Legendary Solpaca



Molten Platinum

Molten Platinum



Legendary Solpaca

Legendary Solpaca

The Collection

2,500 totally unique, friendly alpacas that live on Solana. Adopt a Solpaca by minting your NFT. As well as being an awesome PFP, your NFT will transform into your 3D avatar in our upcoming battle royale game.

The Game

After sell-out, we will launch our Battle Royale style game, where your Solpacas will race and compete on various mountainous courses to reach a finish line first. Attributes like laser eyes might just give you an advantage...

Game teaser animation


1. Before The Launch

We’ll be growing our Solpaca herd through games, giveaways and much more! Join our Discord for a chance to win a free NFT 🦙

The Solpacas team will give regular updates and sneak peeks as we work closely with artists, animators and game developers to create Solpacas — The 3D game!

Terminator Solpaca spinning around 360 degrees

2. The Mint

A total of 2,500 algorithmically generated, unique and cute Solpacas will be available to mint on Solana. We’ll be hosting multiple pre-sales in the run up to the launch. The first pre-sale will start at 0.2 SOL, and will increase in price through each round as we approach the public sale. It’s on a first come first served basis!

3. Post-Mint & The SOLPACAS 3D GAME

Solpacas will be listed on all major secondary marketplaces.

NOW the fun begins. Upon sell-out, Solpacas will continue developing and launch its 3D Battle Royale-style game. Your Solpacas will transform into a 3D avatar, and race to compete on various mountainous courses. You can battle each other off-course using your attributes.

Game trailers, screenshots and insights will be dropped prior to the game launch!

The Team

Solpacas Alpha

Alpha is a visionary and creative brain of the project. He launched multiple successful companies and is passionate about blockchain, art, product and design.


Chewpaca is a web3 guru. Solpacas exist on the blockchain thanks to his expertise. He is passionate about blockchain tech and taking Solpacas all the way into the Metaverse.


Pakako is living in the Metaverse already. With over 20 years of experience in high performance and innovative projects, Pakako guides the team to achieve successful mint and game release.

Paca Trainer

Trainer is a master of machines. His passion lies with tech, automation, servers and code. He is an avid gamer and makes sure that Solpacas game is best in class.


  1. 1. Which network is the mint on?

    Solana blockchain.
  2. 2. When is the mint date?

    We are minting this December, the exact date will be announced soon.
  3. 3. What is the total supply?

    There will be 2,500 unique Solpacas.
  4. 4. What is the cost of each Solpaca NFT?

    We want Solpacas to be affordable! Exact prices for the whitelist and main mint will be announced in the next few days, stay tuned!
  5. 5. How many Solpacas can I mint?

    You will be able to mint several Solpacas. We want to make sure that everyone has a chance to purchase at least one and will implement strategies to ensure that.
  6. 6. What is the roadmap and plan for the Solpacas and the game?

    We are working hard with developers and artists on finalizing our business plan and will reveal it in the upcoming few days.
  7. 7. How can I get whitelisted?

    Please join our community on Discord to get the latest information about whitelist process.
  8. 8. How many whitelist spots will be there?

    For up-to-date information about whitelist capacity please check our Discord server.
  9. 9. What do I get as an early adopter?

    As an early adopter you will get early access to our drop so you can mint before everyone else and at a discounted rate. In addition, you will get early access to the P2E game.
  10. 10. Where can I view my collection?

    You will be able to view your Solpacas in your Solana wallet or on any secondary market. We will also create a rarity chart and detailed profile of each Solpaca on our website. When the game is available, there will be an Solpaca browser for your beloved alpacas there as well.
  11. 11. How can I buy or sell more Solpacas?

    Solpacas will be available on a variety of secondary Solana marketplaces. Follow us on Twitter & Discord for the latest marketplace partnership announcements.
  12. 12. How do I purchase an NFT on Solana?

    Install a Solana wallet to your browser (ie. Phantom, Solflare, Sollet, etc.), ensure you have purchased Solana tokens, and connect to our website to purchase - find detailed instructions here.
  13. 13. Where can I get more information or ask questions?

    Discord and Twitter are always available with our devs to discuss more.